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eMISK at EPA amongst the first few organizations to use the new ArcGIS 10.0 technology


EPA is among the first few organizations worldwide to start using the new ArcGIS 10.0 technology platform being rolled out by ESRI in the year 2010. ArcGIS 10 technology is projected as a big leap in GIS world which is expected to revolutionize the way GIS has been used and practiced till date.

ESRI, represented by its partner OpenWare, in Kuwait, has chosen the eMISK Project of the Kuwait EPA, to test and evaluate ESRI’s latest release of the world leading ArcGIS software. ArcGIS 10 pre-release has been delivered and installed at eMISK for testing and evaluation. If proven stable, eMISK will be among the first systems in the world, built-upon ArcGIS 10 technology from the scratch. eMISK team of experts is busy in the evaluation and testing and will participate in the improvement of the ArcGIS 10, by reporting bugs or problems and suggesting changes or new ideas, if any, to be incorporated in formal new release of ArcGIS 10 slated for launch in the near future.