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Operating eMISk-enterprise within the EPA departments


This June, the Environmental Inspection, Monitoring, and Emergencies Department (EIMED) has launched the eMISK-Enterprise system within the different EPA departments. The first targeted departments in the operation plan are; the Department of Central Analytical Laboratories, the Industrial Environment Department, and the Department of Coastal & Desertification Monitoring. The prospective users from these departments are participating in a two-days training course conducted at EIMED, in which they are introduced to the system modules, and practice the efficient use of these modules. The operation of the system would take place in the other EPA departments consecutively in the next few months.

The eMISK-Enterprise is an online application to display spatial and temporal environmental information and data to the staff members of the EPA. In addition to being a simple viewer, it provides a range of analysis and editing tools to assist the EPA staff members in their routine activities. It is developed on configurable and extensible application architecture with bilingual support to facilitate smooth working in both Arabic and English languages. The system is also equipped with a powerful "user management system", which enables defining specific rights and permissions. It also maintains complete log of activities to assist in tracking the changes made in the data and information by every single user.