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New innovative maps illustrates the complexities of environmental data


Hosted by the inspection, control and environmental emergencies department within the EPA-The eMISK «Environmental Monitoring Information System» office welcomed a delegation from the «Eco-System Science», an American  company that provides professional services in environmental sciences, planning and design. The delegation included both the company's director of design Zack Hill, and the director of GIS Tim Maguire.

During the visit, a presentation showcasing visitors vision of using  the latest technology in design and environmental graphics to illustrate GIS maps was concluded, with the aim of reaching a bigger segment of society while making it more accessible  for  environmental reporting.Maguire revealed that «Eco-System Science» is one of the leading provider of innovative maps and illustrations that are appropriate for environmental reports, that would be easier to read and closer to reality, explaining that the process of converting complex information to simple illustrations which would aid in explaining the complexities of the environment, helps to enrich the environmental awareness of its audience ,  and as well as aiding environmental officials in their decision-making .

During the lecture many illustrations and designs where showcased which have earned the admiration of the attendees. These illustrations included the evolution of the earth's crust since earlier periods of the earths formation, in addition to the development of many of the environmental challenges that we face such as climate change and widening of the ozone hole.

The visit comes within the ambitious project that would-be implemented by the Environment Public Authority in cooperation with the «Eco-System Science» to produce a simplified environmental atlas maps, based on existing environmental data in «eMISK» database.