Events Archive

Date Event Location
22/04/2015 Surveying and establishment of a comprehensive database for The Marine Environment of Kuwait’s Workshop. الهيئة العامة للبيئة
10/12/2012 Avaliable in Arabic only أبوظبي – دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة
27/09/2012 Pollution Load Assessment Project Workshop EPA Meeting Room
19/06/2012 EPA and the World Bank to conduct a workshop for launching the PLA Project EPA
14/05/2012 Training workshop on "Environmental Monitoring - Air Quality" in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP/ROWA) EPA
31/03/2012 eMISK announces formal launch of Kuwait official environmental portal:
07/03/2012 EPA and CSO organize a workshop on environmental indicators in collaboration with ESCWA
12/12/2011 EPA and eMISK are selected to participate in the international Eye on Earth Summit. Abu Dhabi
01/11/2011 ESRI Middle East and Africa User Conference Lebanon
23/10/2011 The launch of Kuwait Official Environmental Portal (
23/09/2011 Delegation from CEFAS in UK to Visit eMISK at KEPA, 19-22 Sept 2011 eMISK
31/05/2011 Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Spatial Decision Support. EPA
25/05/2011 Emerging Remote Sensing Applications in the Engineering and Environment Fields. EPA
22/02/2011 The launch of Kuwait Official Environmental Portal
06/02/2011 ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Extension
30/01/2011 USGS visit to eMISK نظام معلومات الرقابة البيئية
18/01/2011 Visit of Dr. Adel Farid from UNEP/ROWA to eMISK EPA Conference Room 6th Floor
26/12/2010 eMISK is organizing a comprehensive professional training on the latest release of the ERDAS Imagine eMISK
19/12/2010 Second round of professional trainings course entitled ‘ESRI ArcGIS Desktop – III’ eMISK
15/12/2010 eMISK is organizing a seminar “The Opportunities and Risks of Climate Change in the Coastal Areas” EPA Conference Room 6th Floor
12/12/2010 eMISK is organizing the 3rd round of professional trainings course entitled ‘ESRI ArcGIS Desktop – II' eMISK
22/11/2010 Lecture by Dr. Thomas Eisenmann on Deployment of a Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS) EPA Conference Room 6th Floor
04/11/2010 Lecture by Professor Mukaram on “The Use of Modern Means and Designs in the Production of Environmental Maps” مبنى الهيئة العامة للبيئة في مسرح مؤسسة الموانئ ال
31/10/2010 Cartographic Design Course by Prof. Makram Murad AlShaik eMISK
31/10/2010 eMISK project team members are participating in the ESRI Europe, Middle East and Africa User Conference EPA team members participating in the ESRI Europe
31/07/2010 eMISK Website Launch
07/03/2010 The UNA team presents the findings and results to the project representatives KEMC, EPA, Kuwait
03/03/2010 User Need Assessment (UNA) KEMC, EPA, Kuwait
28/12/2009 Introduction to Remote Sensing KEMC, EPA, Kuwait
27/11/2009 Introduction to GIS, Concepts and Fundamentals KEMC, EPA, Kuwait
18/11/2009 Introduction to ArcGIS II; Part-1 KEMC, EPA, Kuwait
17/11/2009 eMISK Awareness Seminar KEMC, EPA, Kuwait