eMISK Waste Overview 

This project will implement a holistic solution for managing the fleet of industrial liquid waste vehicles and organizing the logistics process efficiently. The proposed Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) will allow for the proper monitoring and operation of the large fleet of industrial waste vehicles across Kuwait (about 400) to ensure that they are following the regulations in delivering the loaded wastes to the official dumping areas designated by the authorities and not into the deserts and sewerage network.

The proposed solution is based on standard industry technologies from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) and Microsoft technologies. It complements and fits ideally with the current and future operation requirement and demands for the handling and discharge of industrial liquid wastes. The proposed system covers all aspects of an Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) from the in-vehicle units that retrieves vehicle location through Global Positioning System (GPS) to the data processing and crunching of the gathered data and viewing the vehicles by the operator in the control room. The following figure presents the overall conceptual AVLS proposed solution.

waste01_s.JPGAs can be shown in figure 1, the system comprises of several components. One of the components is the in-vehicle tracking units that are installed in vehicles (see figure 2). Those tracking units communicate with the GPS satellite to retrieve the current position of the vehicle. This information is sent back through) General Packet Radio Service GPRS/EDGE( over the wireless network, provided by the telecom operator to be duly processed and analyzed. The system also equipped with Liquid level Sensor to monitor the liquid waste level inside the vehicle’s tank (full or empty).



waste02_s.JPGAs shown in figure, the system offers the user the ability to monitor and track multiple vehicles at the same time with live online information. The user can navigate from one area to another on the map and to track specific vehicles. All this information is displayed to the user in one window.

The system shows customized events and violations that help the operators to easily monitor the vehicles operations, the following events are samples of what the system can provide to the operators:






  1. Geo-Fence event: indicates that the truck is Entered/Exited the Geo-Fence (dumping) area.
  2. Truck idle event: indicates that the truck is idle for X days.
  3. Reaching Geo-Fence (dumping) area outside predefined time range.
  4. Truck is in an illegal area.
  5. Liquid level in vehicle’s tank.
  6. The main power is disconnected from the tracking unit.
  7. GPS antenna is disconnected from the tracking unit.
  8. Tracking unit is removed from the vehicle.
  9. etc…